The Magic of Rainbows

Throughout history the rainbow has been considered a symbol of spiritual awakening and renewal.  In keeping with the magical spirit of rainbows, I have created my very first collection of music for children.  My CD is designed to inspire children to express themselves in English in meaningful conversations.  Some of the songs were written to promote communication in English while others were written to get children thinking and singing in a playful way.  

I encourage teachers and parents to join a conversation about how to get children excited about learning.  In all of my years of teaching, the most rewarding moments have been spent with students who are in the process of learning the English language.  As educators, we can make the process of learning language difficult and frustrating or fun and engaging.  The early learning experiences we provide for our children can help shape their attitudes toward school for years to come.  This CD was created with the philosophy that the learning environment for children should be stimulating and positive.  

Share your ideas on how you keep the excitement going with your children.

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