The songs on Hopping on a Rainbow were written to promote learning or students who are at the beginning and intermediate levels of English. 

Song 1-In the Morning I Wake Up

Level:  Beginning

Lesson:  Morning Activities

In this song, children can sing about various activities they engage in in the morning.  I usually have my students create ways we can act out the song together.  Acting out the activities helps the children remember the activities and have fun while they are singing the song.

 Questions for discussion:

What do you do in the morning?

What do you do when you get to school?

Song 2-Hello Hello Hello

Level:  Beginning 

Lesson:  Basic Greetings

In this song, children can talk about meeting new friends.  This is also a good song for having the children act out the lines in it.

Song 3-The Show Me Song

Level:  Beginning

Lesson:  Body Parts

In this lesson, children can talk about parts of their face and parts of their bodies.

Song 4-Let's Play Pretend

Level:  Intermediate

This song is an intermediate level song exploring scientific occupations and tools needed for these jobs.

Questions for Discussion:

1.  Who do you want to be (in the future)?

2.  Where do you want to go?

3.  What do you want to do?

Song 5-If You See a Rainbow

Level:  Intermediate

This is one of the "just for fun" songs.

Song 6-One and Only Wonderful Me

Level:  Beginning/Intermediate

Lesson:  Using your senses

In this song, children sing about how their senses are used.  Also, the song also explores how we are all unique and special.

Song 7-My Lucky Day

Level:  Beginning

Lesson:  Days of the Week

Song 8-Hopping On A Rainbow

Level:  Beginning/Intermediate

Another "just for fun" song.