Songs for Learning for Teachers and Parents



Hopping On A Rainbow was created by a teacher for teachers and parents.  The songs were written for children who are new to school or new to the country.  Through the power of music, this CD (available on all major streaming platforms) will allow children to experience language in a fun and meaningful way.

From memorization to a meaningful conversation, Hopping On A Rainbow will get your children singing and talking.  Some of the songs were written exclusively for beginning students while others would be appropriate for beginning or more advanced students. After 20 years as a teacher in public schools, I realize that children learn when lessons are fun and engaging.  For an English learner or for any young child, it is important to learn phrases and sentences in order to make meaningful connections with others.  The songs in this CD can help children make connections by encouraging them to communicate through music.  The songs on the CD were not designed to teach vocabulary per se, but were designed to motivate children to learn phrases and sentences as they sing.  

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Thank you for your support,

Laura Suarez